U.S. Jungle is North America’s premier record label bridging the gaps in modern, uptempo, drum savvy jungle sounds. Located in Denver, CO. USA, U.S. Jungle is pushing the newest, hardest sounds to the ammo crates of the underground.

Contact us via email: info at no spam usjungle.net or on aim: destroyerdotnet or kuttclot

What others are saying about U.S. Jungle

“Mysterious new alt. dnb label from Denver… Heavy dub pressure ”
-Rhino Records

What others are saying about USJ-001

“New heavyweight label from the states… Killer sounds.”
-Wrecked Distro, Pittsburgh

“New stateside label U.S Jungle starts things with a sick release of two mashed up, dancefloor ready hits that are just itching to be played by DJ’s near and far…”

“…Side A is “Coming For War VIP” from Silent Killer and Fixation. The track starts off a little eerie sounding like you were in a horror flick or something.”You aint ready for war” is the sample that follows which would make this a dope intro record, and then the drum assault begins with some tweaked out synth in the background that only adds to the eerie feeling of the track. Side B is “Royale” from Hue-E and Crown. It seems a bit more on the breakcore side of things with a faster drumtrack and Matrix sounding effects. It also has a dope ass sample ” I make hits, not the public” thrown in there as well. So a good start for this new label, let’s hope they keep the hits coming.”
-Freeburning Records, Los Angeles

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